Tabitha, Witch of the Order

Television / New Media series


Genre: Adventure / Urban Fantasy

Status: Completed


Logline: In modern-day Seattle a rookie witch teams up with a grizzled priest to stop a coven of rogue witches and uncover the truth behind magic’s reemergence.

Techno Lust

Short Film


Genre: Science Fiction

Status: Completed


Logline: An isolated factory worker's dream of human connection takes a twist as her creation causes her to run for her life.


Feature Film


Genre: Horror / Thriller

Status: In Development


Logline: Rebecca, suffering from chronic narcolepsy, turns to lucid dreaming to escape the horrors of her everyday life but when she takes an experimental drug she begins to see dark figures lurking in the shadows.

Dark Truth

Feature Film


Genre: Horror Anthology

Status: In Development


Logline: Paranormal radio talk show host Christopher Crowley interviews experts and eyewitnesses about their paranormal experiences but when one of his guests wills him an ancient relic, Crowley puts the pieces together and comes face to face with a dark entity in the dream-land.

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